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主題: Design V.S. Life



In 80s , when Taiwanese economy got better, people start to care about the quality of living environment. On that time, there was no professional interior designer, so people asked architect to build buildings and do interior design both together. Because of that reason, there are still many people thought interior design is attached to architectural design. Actually, interior design is not like people thought just put some partition walls, plan movements and fit in some furnitures. Its not that simple at all!

Interior design is for people can live in a better space, a more convenience, safer environment. Therefore, people who work on interior design who needs to have architectural specialty, deep cultural background, good esthetics, delicate thoughts and sharp observation. Also, Listen is the most important ability! In order to understand what are their needs and satisfy them.

Now, the interior design in Taiwan just like Western, is in the same level as Architectural. An interior designer is not like people thought who just needs to learn some computer software and you can do it, in fact, you can’t! This is a very dangerous thought, it also will be the reason of dispute in future.

[Food can decide a person’s personality and health, also, an environment can grow your life! We go to school every day, learn something like periodic table which you might never use it in whole life, but totally short of the knowledge for living environment. When we pursue a better material life, we forget “home” a lot!

Design is not just a plaything/toy, it’s a design and commercial thought base on human being. Interior design is design also is commercial. It’s esthetics, also is economy. Interior designer is good at working the best plan within limited budget. Make impossible to possible. And help people’s dreams come true.


Actually, there are tons of styles of Interior Design, such as Mediterranean Style, Greek Style, Tuscan Style…. But there are only several most popular styles in Taiwan. Basically, they belong to two categories: Classic & Modern.

 Classic Style can be divided into European Classic and American Classic. Let me show you what the differences are!

 About the Modern Style, Minimalist is the most well-known term of contemporary, modern style. But do you really know what Minimalist is? I believe you must have heard about people said that their home is 極簡風格,but actually, I never saw anybody’s home in Taiwan is Minimalist.


When you get home, if the first scene is messy, you can’t relax at all! Think about it, when you drag an exhausted body from work after a long day, all you need is a space which can totally relax and calm your spirit and body. A neat and tidy space is the first and foremost!

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